Interesting Conversations On A Date

If you are looking for questions to ask a girl on a first date, here are a few that may help you to begin an interesting conversation and carry it forward. It is important to know what to ask, when to ask and how to ask questions without sounding too intrusive. It’s essential that your questions be innocuous and at the same time trigger an interesting chat.

  • Ask your date about any movie, TV show or book that she loves and has influenced her a lot.
  • You could observe her and ask situational questions. For example, if you find her admiring a painting or an artwork, you could steer the conversation towards her hobbies and interests. Another example, if you find her enjoying the night sky, you could ask her ‘Are you interested in stars, do you star gaze?’ etc., to capture her attention.
  • You could ask her about her friends, family, siblings and tell her about your own. The important thing here is to make her feel that you are genuinely interested in getting to know her.
  • Try some good-natured friendly humor. For example, what makes her smile or laugh? And you could compliment her saying that she has a good smile/ laugh and you would like to make her smile even more.
  • Try asking her about the kind of music she enjoys listening to and her favourite way to spend the weekend.
  • Ask her about her favourite cartoon character, tell her yours or ask her opinion about the popular shows on TV or her favourite show as a child. Give some information about yourself, your likes and dislikesand get her to speak.
  • Ask her about her favourite animal and whether she has any pets or would she like one in the future.

It is important that you pay attention, and talk light-heartedly. Girls appreciate thoughtful people who also have a good sense of humour. It’s not very difficult or stressful. Dress smartly and be natural. It’s not very difficult to impress a girl.

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